About Us

Who we are

We are a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) educational institution focused on supporting and preparing students of African descent with the theoretical and practical skills combined with humanities to be future leaders. 


Acute Under-representation

African Americans are vastly under-represented among doctoral degree recipients in STEM. They earn only 1.8% of all doctorates in physics; 3.8% in mathematics; 3.7% in computer science; and 4% in engineering disciplines. We are aware of only a handful of African Americans who have earned doctorates in the last five years in the cross-STEM and newly developing discipline of artificial intelligence, despite the transformation the discipline will produce across the economy and society. Acute under-representation also persists in master’s and undergraduate programs.


Enhance Scientific Knowledge

Our mission is to enhance the education of under-represented students of African descent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  We seek to generate, disseminate and monetize this knowledge to address systemic challenges within US and global African communities. We are dedicated to providing students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery.


Dramatic Increases in Science Graduates

We will build on unique strengths to engage and inspire under-represented students and faculty.  By 2030, we will develop a 1000-student campus and graduate 20-plus doctorate students annually to catalyze artificial intelligence to remedy or alleviate critical faults on issues affecting minority education, culture, enterprise and families. We will create a pipeline of STEM students from pre-school through college, relying in part on home schooling and selective online high schools.


The WIT Master’s in Engineering Management Program for non-STEM graduates integrates engineering courses with human-centered classes in leadership and management concepts, engineering principles, and project management to manage industry challenges through real-world projects. 

Ten reasons to choose our Master’s in Engineering Management Program:

  • We offer a supportive, close-knit community where students can be themselves, where every student is valued and is free to make mistakes and learn from each other.
  • Learn by traditional instructional classes and a process of experiential learning.This cycle divides the learning process into four basic theoretical components: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation.
  • Attentive faculty with small classesensures that Advisors, Mentors and Tutors provide individualized attention to each student as they progress through their educational program.
  • Gain exposureto the major engineering disciplines by taking classes in aeronautics and astronautics, civil and environmental engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering.
  • While not be superb engineering technologists, our project management specialist training will enable WIT graduates to communicate with and manage skilled technologists across a variety of engineering disciplines.
  • A broad-based education.  Recognizing the importance of the humanities, students will understand the role of ethics in innovationin areas where technology and human interactions intersect.
  • Students will be equipped with strong math, analytical skills, the ability to think independentlyand communicate clearly to solve 21st-century challenges to benefit mankind.
  • Study at our campus in Palo Alto, CA and gain practical experience on location in Wyoming (satellite launch) and Michigan (water management).
  • We encourage students to engage in one of the many NASA Pathway-to-Employment internship opportunities.
  • Graduate with a Private Pilot License (PPL) and be qualified to legally fly an aircraft with an understanding aircraft maneuver, navigation, emergency procedures and cross-country flight planning – and be on the path to become an airline pilot.

Directors, Benefactors, Supporters

Herb Anderson, Director-Chair

B.A., University of California Berkeley 

Herb previously served as Board Chair, Chief Financial Officer and Finance Committee Chair for Disability Rights California, the nation’s largest nonprofit legal advocacy organization responsible for protecting the rights of over 750,000 Californians with disabilities. Herb recently completed the USC Ross Minority Program in Real Estate, an educational platform providing critical skills to women and minorities and the opportunity to participate in leadership roles within the real estate industry. The focus of the program was on real estate and the macro-economy and key financial and economic performances, including individuals and entities that influence policy, such as the Federal Reserve. Herb is a proud parent of a daughter who graduated from Stanford.

Jawara Lumumba, Director-Vice Chair

J.D., Stanford Law School

Jawara practiced as senior attorney within the North Central Legal Assistance Program in his home state of North Carolina as Director of the New Orleans Legal Assistance program. In those positions, he provided representation to economically disadvantaged clients in a range of civil matters. His accomplishments included expanding his clients’ access to affordable health care, habitable housing and employment opportunities. Subsequently, he was director of  a national skill building training program within the Legal Services Corporation in Washington, DC, for attorneys, paralegals and community advocates, a program that won distinguished recognition from the National Bar Association and the American Bar Association. He then joined the National Legal Aid Society as the Civil Division Director. In that position, he productively advocated for sustained federal funding for legal services programs nationally. Jawara led a multi-million-dollar resource campaign to fund the North Carolina Minority Economic Development Project for which he assumed the initial presidency. This program facilitated the advancement of minority business development and stimulated a network of economic development corporations. Currently, he is a senior partner in the Training Resources Group, an internationally recognized organizational development consulting firm working in over 100 countries. He led an eight-year executive coaching initiative to strengthen the leadership of the Reproductive Health Institute of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, a preeminent research center on HIV and infectious diseases. 

YoungSu Yoo, Director-Secretary

M.F.A., Television and Film Production, Academy of Art University

B.S., Mechanics and Design, Kookmin University, Seoul. YoungSu is a scientist and creative artist.  Right out of college, he worked as a mechanical designer for a motor company. His passion on telling stories had him to be pivoted to television production, working for Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) as a drama series producer. At KMTP TV, he has been a Producer of original series directed to young adults. He also produced Five Day News, the only Pan African nightly news program.  He now serves as the station Chief Content Officer. 

Lorna Jones, Director

Ph.D., University of Reading, Reading

Lorna holds a Ph.D. in Human Geography with an emphasis on Diaspora Trade. She focused on international trade across five countries. Previously, she was Interim Director for the Center for International Trade Development at Skyline College in San Bruno. She holds a master’s degree in International Development and a bachelor’s degree in French. Lorna has taught in Martinique and at Evergreen Valley College, San Jose. Lorna has events marketing and sales experience and introduced a new North American software into the UK and Saudi Arabian markets. She founded a global essay contest that encourages research, reading, and self-expression among children of African descent.

Barbara J. Wade, Director

Ph.D., Educational Administration, University of Michigan

Barbara is a graduate of Tennessee State University, an HBCU. She has extensive experience in elementary education. Her degree is in Education Administration. For over 25 years in Chicago schools, she advanced from teaching counseling to Vice Principal then Principal. Following retirement, she became a consultant to school districts nationally. Since college, she has been an avid member-supporter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (ΑΚΑ), the first historically African American Greek-lettered sorority.

Gwendolyn May Barlow, Director

E.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Illinois State University Normal

M.A., Special Education, San Francisco State University

Gwen has thirty-five years of experience in academic leadership, Curriculum/Program Development and Administration. Formerly President, Faculty Council, Dean of Faculty and Instruction, Vice President of Faculty and Instruction for Chicago City Colleges; and Faculty Advisor of the Student Government Association. Through her professional and volunteer services for student organizations and clubs she has developed a deep understanding of students, their aspirations, strengths, and challenges. She recently retired as Professor/Chairperson of the Child and Human Development Program.

Kyla Talley, Director

Ph. D. Candidate, University of West Georgia, Carrolton, Georgia

Kyla is quite the student. She has two master’s degrees from Clark Atlanta University: an M.B.A. in Marketing, and a Master of Education in School Counseling with Psychological Studies. She also holds a certificate as a Specialist of Education in Educational Leadership from Cambridge College. Professionally, Kyla is a formally trained Mental Health Therapist serving as a School Counselor Leader at Lookout Mountain Middle School. She recognizes the need for pipelines for the development in STEM from secondary education. Kyla helps students with academic achievement, career and college readiness, and social/emotional development. While recognizing the need for an emphasis to meet the challenges of secondary guidance and mentoring, she identifies, evaluates, and remedies developmental problems and external factors that affect student success. Kyla knows the challenges of upward mobility, student stress, bullying, and the need for positive racial and gender identification. Utilizing her marketing skills, she was an Expedition Brand Manager with Ford World Headquarters, Dearborn.

Darryl G. Harris Sr., Director

B.A., California State University, Los Angeles

Darryl served for nearly thirty years as a Police Officer, Detective in the Special Victims Unit; a Background Investigator; and a Hostage Negotiator for the City of Pasadena. His skills as an instructor were required for years, as a Law Enforcement Professional for Advance Officer Training sessions, as well as Basic Police Academy Training, “Tools for Tolerance” Program, through the Simon Wiesenthal – Museum of Tolerance. His critical incidents involve a variety of situations and circumstances that were extremely dangerous and traumatic to potential victims, and the public. It is difficult to grasp fully the management of emotionally charged and dangerous situations that require the need for such instant and urgent judgments when dealing with potential life and death situations. Darryl’s dedication to our youth and tomorrow’s leaders has always been pertinent, as he volunteered over 20 years leading youth, as a highly honored sports coach for young local athletes, an Advisor for the Police Youth Explorers, and an Instructor with the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program. Darryl is now a writer, and an Adjunct Professor at Glendale Community College, instructing in the Administration of Justice Department.

Booker T. Wade Jr., Executive Director

J.D., Stanford Law School

While at Stanford, Booker was a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Political Science and a member of the Stanford Trustee’s Investment Committee which oversees the Stanford Endowment. He served as an Extern to Justice Murray Draper, California Court of Appeals, then Sitting by Designation on the California Supreme Court. He was an Adjunct Instructor at Bowie State College and Attorney Adviser in the Office of the Secretary of Transportation where he provided ethics advice to sub-cabinet level officers and reviewed regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration (then the Urban Rapid Transit Administration). He also made recommendations to the General Counsel for referral to the Secretary for action as to service members seeking review of their dishonorable discharge from the U.S. Coast Guard. Booker was also an Adviser to Tyrone Brown, then a Member of the Federal Communications Commission. He also was President of the Community Television Network Inc. which launched two dozen Black-owned broadcast television stations. Booker holds a Certificate of Completion of the program of Mini-Medical School from Stanford Medical School. This one-year program was a summary of the regular medical school curriculum with an emphasis on technology in medicine.

Dianne Millner, Special Advisor-General Counsel

J.D., Stanford Law School

Dianne has represented MTP since its launch in 1985. She first practiced real estate and business law at San Francisco’s Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro before leaving to co-found the predecessor to Alexander, Millner & McGee, then the largest African American owned law firm west of the Mississippi River. Subsequently, she served as Special Counsel for the City of Oakland where she advised the City regarding the City’s sports teams: The Golden State Warriors, the Oakland A’s, and the then-Oakland Raiders. She recently completed a Fellowship with the Stanford University Distinguished Careers Institute.